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AdSpore Promotion Compressed from Dan Devine on Vimeo.

UW students talk about their experiences during focus group testing.

During the early spring of 2012, AdSpore conducted a series of tests on the University of Washington campus. In all, ten individual sessions were held with approximately 70-100 students involved. The experience lasted about an hour, followed up with a debriefing over pizza where we asked questions about their experience with AdSpore, other social media apps, deal sites like Groupon and more. We conducted these tests in order to determine what the user reaction to such a product might be. Would the students download our app? Would they use it?

What we found surprised us. They didn't just like the idea, they loved the idea. In fact, they provided us with lots of ideas of their own. Ideas for new activities around the merchant offers, extensions, and various new features that they thought would be interesting. One of the key areas where they redirected us was in the concept of merchant offers as a form of "social currency", trading the offers amongst friends and sharing jointly in their success at gathering. There were ideas for monsters, animals, traps, multi-player features and more. They got it right away. We hadn't given them any directions or introduction at all, they just took it and discovered. This is when we knew we had a potential winner. From that moment, we knew that we had to go forward with this app.

AdSpore isn't like Pirq, Foursquare or the other geo apps you've seen before. This has a much deeper level of engagement than is possible with "checking-in" or taking a photo of your food.

Demonstration sessions are available for interested investors, come and see how it works. Call us and find out what it is about AdSpore that's so special.