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AdSpore Incorporated
1314 NE 43rd St, #203
Seattle, WA 98105
Wherever you are on campus, you'll find great discounts right on your phone.

Adspore deals are scattered all over your campus. Pop open your map, notice a deal, grab it. Save it in your backpack. Is there an easier way to save?
Watch your discounts get better and better as you trade, share, challenge, and play for the best deals.

Sure you can pick up plenty of great deals with Adspore, and even share them with friends. But want to get your hands on the really really great deals? Well you'll have to find them first. And then get them before others do (or if you're lucky just steal them away!). Don’t let your friends beat you to it!
Great offers from your favorite Ave stores plus chances to win big prizes.

Adspore gives you tons of deals to the places you go everyday- the stores on the Ave. You love these places, and you love savings. We figured this was a perfect match. And don't forget to check out the big deal of the day for some really super awesome savings. Plus, accumulate points for great prizes